Can the Bible be idolized?

The question seems be about what I believe about the Bible. If I see it as a collection of good stuff rather than the collective Message (“Word”) of God to mankind, then I’ve already reduced it to an idol material: “lifeless/powerless” and “mute/unhearing” to the cries of man.

If I see it as the Word of God, I can still disrespect it by misusing His name. If I believe that I can ignore God for awhile and pursue comforts and pleasures that do not take His will into consideration, then I’ll do the same with His Word. I’ll use His Word for others and not for myself (since I’d be busy using my own word for myself.

Idolizing’s misusing something that God’s given, giving it an illegitimate meaning/purpose. If God’s calling me to spend time listening to Him and I choose to “read the Bible” instead, then I’m idolizing the Bible. Same if I’m ignoring human needs or my tasks/keeping safe distance from people or even God using a strong-sounding argument of “Reading the Bible’s important”.

If however I’m saying that Christian life can be lived WITHOUT a fervent commitment of love to absorb the whole of God’s word into my mind, life & being, then I’m rejecting the Bible and, ultimately, the One Who gave it. Yes, the Bible can be idolized. It happens when we prioritize its reading (and usage) over obeying His personal voice, the Holy Spirit (Who always perfectly agrees with what the word says and trains our application of God’s word for our specific lives). It happens when we beat lessons God’s taught us thru His word into others’ faces. We could ignore/misuse God’s word, His voice or both. (“But thanks be to God who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ”, 1 Cor. 15:57)

The Road of Change

“The abiding characteristic of a spiritual man is the interpretation of the Lord Jesus Christ to himself, and the interpretation to others of the purposes of God” – O.C.
Acts 9:17 
“Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus, who appeared to you on the road by which you came…”
There’s a road he came by & a road I was on in Saul’s and my respective original missionary trips. The roads on which Jesus intercepted us. I was just living as I had been taught. But he, oh! He! He was on the way to murder people, break up families. I had the agreement of Christians to hold up to the world right now. I was sure going to present that, wrapped up in my best hallelujahs, to God on the day I would give Him account of my life. But he? he had the agreement of the jews and the pharisees, those rebels against Jesus! Of course Jesus had to intercept him. No one else could. And me? Umm… Jesus didn’t intercept me now, did He? He only “led me” and “met me” because I was doing so well before God and man. yes, that’s it!
Didn’t He?
Oh the cultural labels that had been woven into my mind about people from the bible, people from my life! The condemning words I had heaped on myself and others as I grappled with trying to live a good life. The proud unchanging views I tried to line up with God’s unchanging Truth, deceiving myself that things would somehow get better or smoother.
“Brother Saul, the Lord Jesus, who appeared to you on the road by which you came sent me that you may regain your sight and be filled with the Holy Spirit”
The Grace of God is that things do not get better. The Love of God is that He poured His blood out so that I may have an uncomfortable life, painful struggles until I stopped my blinded missions and received Him as never before!
My Lord, Who appeared to me on “the road by which I came” and diverted me away from the heartbreaks I lived looking at and was on my way to cause continuation to, thank you for Your children Whom You saved & set right, whom you encouraged into serving me. Thank you for sight regained along with filling gained – of YOUR very Spirit!

First blog post

This blog is for me to clarify my thoughts into Christ-honoring and bible-aligned expressions.

I believe that there is “Life” in the bible – that aligning one’s desires, planning and aims around and within its prescribed boundaries yields more than just a “system”. I have seen for myself that it yields a miracle – a life-changer that lasts beyond human limitations.

Apart from that belief is my ongoing relationship with God through Christ. (reference: Bible gospels,

And from these come my firm conviction that :Life is not an unplanned event that just came to be. That is the thought of irresponsibility. The thought upheld by the Flesh and Body of self-serving strengths. It’s not really a statement against God or religion as a declaration of “I want it this way and I’ll make sure you serve me in it” bullying.

In these realities of mind and life, I pray the Lord use this blog to show He is enthroned and still casts down the enemy, whether we make ourselves into His enemy or run to Him for aid against the enemy.

May God guide your values, thinking and personality to yield to His design and find that joy, peace and satisfied love to pour out into others. In Jesus’ mighty Name.